2018-2019 Club Fees


Ignite FC believes it is important to be transparent about fees being charged to participate in the club.  For the 2018-2019 season, club fees are set at $200.00 per player. Below is an explanation of what is included in the club fees:


Kit Fee (2 tops, 2 shorts, 3 pair of socks) $108.00
Training Top  $10.00
Coaches Game Shirt    $5.00
Team Goalkeeper Kits (2 per team)    $7.00
Administrative Fees (website, tax return, etc.)  $15.00
Team Equipment (balls, cones, goals, etc.)  $50.00
Credit Card Processing Fees   $5.00
TOTAL: $200.00

Ignite FC is not charging any fees for tournaments or field rentals.  Instead, those fees will be left to individual teams to pay. It is solely up to individual teams to identify, register, reserve, and pay for tournaments or field rentals.  Also, specialty items such as bags, track suits, and specialty uniforms (such as specialty fitted tops or women’s cut tops) may result in club fees exceeding the $200.00.

The team equipment fee is designed to allow the coach of your team discretion to purchase items he/she believes are necessary to effectively run training’s and operate his/her individual team.  The club will reimburse the head coach for any team for equipment and other purchases approved by the club up to the team equipment fee collected for his/her team for that seasonal year.