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Ignite FC

-Established 2018-

Welcome all, Ignite FC is an American Youth Soccer Club with a style of play modeled from European Football. Based in St. George Utah, in the heart of Greater Zion. We have established ourselves as a local and regional contender. We are not the biggest, we haven’t been around the longest, but we execute to be the best. Our sights are not set on the world stage, our vision is more acute, more precise. Our goals are set, our efforts are united, and our focus is clear. So whether you are for us or against us it makes no difference because we will arrive with our presence felt and our reputation known.

A word to our club family: 

Thank you for your love and support, it is felt. We truly strive to make this club feel like family. As we grow together we hope you can gain a sense of ownership and feel that Ignite FC is YOUR club.

A word to our contenders:

We see you. We respect you. We love your sportsmanship and your camaraderie. We appreciate your battles… but, we DO NOT fear you. 

"Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is."
Football Great, Johan Cruyff

Ignite at its Core

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Origin Story

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